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The right way to drink water during Ramadan

After a day of fasting, especially if you have to do some work or go out in the sun, drink water is not only to quench thirst but also a necessity for the health of the body and internal organs. One must realize that despite the intense thirst he may feel during the day, the way he drinks water must be specific. From breakfast until the last moments before constipation.

Wrong Iftar habits

Some people start their breakfast by drinking consecutive cups of water or iced water, and this is a real shock to an empty stomach more than 14 hours ago. Also, cold water is not preferred because it strains the stomach.

The correct

To start your breakfast with a cup of water of moderate temperature, even if you are in a state of extreme thirst, and after a quarter of an hour has passed, you can add a second cup.
Diversify water sources, eat vegetable soup and sugar-free fruit cocktails, drink green tea, and eat watermelon and soft fruits rich in water.

Wrong habits at Suhoor time

Drinking consecutive glasses of water at one time before constipation is a wrong habit, as the body automatically converts it into the urine. Thus, the body does not benefit much from this hasty process of drinking consecutive and many cups of water at one time.

The correct

Do not make a glass of water the only way to get water. The best way is to eat foods rich in water, such as vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes, bananas, and apples, all of which are rich in water that is gradually added to the body.

Why a water filter is essential in every home

In light of the pollution witnessed in the environment recently, the water filter has become indispensable in every home, so giving a cup of pure water is a necessity to maintain the health of family members and protect them from diseases and germs.

  • A water filter is used to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria that cause water pollution.
  • Reducing chlorine levels in drinking water to get rid of harmful microorganisms.
  • The filter helps purify the water from impurities and solid particles such as mud and straw.
  • Reducing the incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Getting rid of colon and bladder cancer by removing chlorine from drinking water.

The correct quantities to drink water in Ramadan

Fluid intake varies according to age, weight, and physical activity. The weather also plays a major role in determining the amount of water needed for the body, and the hotter the weather, the more water the body needs.

Children (1 year and over):

Encourage your child from an early age to drink water regularly, and depending on the age, the child needs about 0.8-1.4 liters per day.


Teens need at least 1.6 liters per day, and the amount increases according to physical activity.


An adult needs about 1.5-2 liters per day, which is equivalent to 8 cups of water. This is enough for most people in fair weather. The amount increases in hot weather.

The conclusion

Get a water filter suitable for your needs, or make sure to change the filters and do regular maintenance for your filter. Determine the appropriate quantities for you and divide these quantities by the time between Iftar and Suhoor. Be sure to drink fresh juices in moderation and provide your daily meals with vegetables and fruits rich in water. Which contributes to increasing the body’s intake. of liquids.

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