Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes

Summary of how the product works:

The Water Care Foundation offers Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes of the cylindrical type with stable performance, low-pressure operation, and high water productivity. Through research, development, and careful selection of distinctive products for various membrane applications, the RO membrane series from the Water Care Foundation demonstrates high resistance to pollution, enabling the treatment of different water qualities and meeting water quality requirements. These RO membrane elements are available in 8-inch and 4-inch specifications and are used in seawater desalination, treating well water salts, feeding thermal power plants, producing pure and ultrapure water, wastewater treatment, chemical and petrochemical processes, food and beverage processing, municipal engineering projects, and other fields.

Product Description:

The Water Care Foundation’s featured RO membrane for seawater desalination and well water is a high-quality product manufactured according to the highest quality standards. It features a support layer with high density and thickness and a skin layer with flawless surface to prevent defects. The membrane demonstrates chemical corrosion resistance and requires no post-treatment after manufacturing.

This technology boasts a wide pH resistance range and high cleaning efficiency, allowing for strong and effective cleaning of both acids and bases. Its comprehensive cleaning capabilities reduce pressure on the membrane system during long-term operation, leading to superior performance over the service life. This contributes significantly to reducing operating costs and achieving long-term economic benefits for seawater desalination and well water treatment systems.

Product features:

  • High desalination rate
  • Pressure resistance, pollution resistance, and cleaning efficiency
  • Improved seawater desalination system costs
  • Product dimensions: (No specific dimensions provided)

The product dimensions:

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