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The best water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia

There are many water treatment companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it remains the best one that is keen to use the latest technologies and follow the latest studies and developments to provide the most appropriate solutions and options to meet the challenges and persistent pollutants in the field of water treatment.

How can you evaluate water treatment companies in Saudi Arabia?

There are a number of points to know that facilitate the evaluation of water treatment companies, which makes it easier for you to choose:

Availability of creativity and multiple options

The types of stations are different and the types of technologies used in each station. Therefore, the availability of a number of options that enable you to select the most suitable for you is an advantage that reduces potential risks.

The possibility of providing all spare parts related to water treatment plants

Availability of all spare parts that you may need in the future saves you the trouble of searching in the future for your needs, which could lead to periods of downtime of the station and waste your efforts to improve the quality of your products or your image with your customer and may lead to an increase in your operating cost.

Availability of a technical team with long experience

This point is the most important feature for any company, as the role of the technical team is not limited to installing the station only, but rather they help you choose the right one for you and install the station with professionalism and high accuracy, and their role extends to after sales through periodic maintenance operations.

You can make sure that the company has a technical team with sufficient experience to do the work perfectly by watching their previous clients. If it is not available, do not hesitate to ask the sales representative.

Location and cost

You must choose the company that you will deal with, specifying the possibility of its presence on your site. To make sure that shipping and packaging costs are not onerous for you. And you will not incur much to bring your needs, so choosing the easiest and cheapest site for you in terms of transportation is advisable.

Method of communication before and after service

This is one of the very important points and it represents after-sales service or follow-up. Whoever provides this service is committed to the standards of the product accurately and has the desire to satisfy his customers and provides the correct documents and all the details related to the product.

Why Carewater is your perfect choice

In addition to the availability of all our previous points, we are proud to include the best technical team and a wide range of clients, and success partners. We are proud to cover all regions of the Kingdom, providing the best water treatment plants with the best international technologies.

What are the types of desalination plants?

Reverse Osmosis plants

Reverse osmosis plants specialize from tap water and brackish well water to seawater desalination and cover all types of applications including drinking, cooking, bathing, utility water, irrigation, and industrial water.

Filter units

Multi-media filters are a frequently used process because they are a very powerful method for removing suspended solids from water.

The filter media also consists of a multi-layer of sand and other granular materials of different varieties in size and exceptional gravity to deal with different types and sizes of suspended matter and dissolved solids in water.

Chlorination system

Kill harmful coliform and E.coli bacteria.

It also removes sulfur (hydrogen sulfide) odors.

Iron and manganese oxidation to facilitate filtration.

Low cost and very effective.

Total softening systems

Removing calcium and magnesium ions from water causes water hardness.

Used for laundry, dyeing, and pharmaceutical applications.

Also used for every hotel and cafe to protect fumigation machines.

Supplying complete systems as well as brine and various types of resin.

Super filters

Ultrafilters are considered the latest technology in water treatment. As they replace sand filters and micron filters, which saves space and high electricity consumption. In addition to providing the opportunity to treat different types of water and reach them to the highest levels of purity.

It is also used in the following applications:

  • Surface water purification.
  • Groundwater treatment.
  • Drinking water purification.
  • Also gray water treatment.
  • Purification of treated water in industrial wastewater for reuse.

But if you are still confused about choosing the appropriate desalination plant for your use. Whether it is a home, industrial, agricultural, or commercial use.

All you have to do is contact us at Water Care Company and leave the rest to us.

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