Carewater Solutions

An institution specializing in water treatment
in Saudi Arabia

An experienced team of technical (chemical) engineers can provide a wide range of solutions to industries that require specific water quality.

Water care offering a wide range of technologies and extensive knowledge in all sectors related to water will ensure that you are a cost-effective solution that meets your water quality requirements.

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Commitment to the highest levels of quality and honesty in providing the best water treatment solutions to our customers

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Laboratory tests

Thanks to modern chemistry, we can detect thousands of chemicals...
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Design and build

Central drinking water treatment plants treat large quantities of water
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Sewage treatment units

The term wastewater treatment facility or water treatment business
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Gray water treatment units

Graywater takes this name from being a medium between clear,...
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Water filter systems

We cover a wide range of water filter systems
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R.O Systems

The desalination plant that relies on reverse osmosis consists of...
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Magnetic treatment

This product magnetizes the water as it passes through pipes
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We have a special department for the maintenance of reverse...


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Pentair RO water system purification plant

High-Efficiency RO Reverse Osmosis System MRS-600HE-II The Pentair Reverse Osmosis...
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PH-80S Hydrotester

PH-80: pH HydroTester Series The PH-80 has proven to be...
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COM-100 Waterproof TDS meter

COM-100: Waterproof Professional Series EC/TDS Meter The COM-100 is a...
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Artec water treatment filter

ARTEC water desalination plant What is the ARTIC device and...
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Magnolith devices

Magnolith Devices Summary of how the product works This product...
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Anti-scale reverse osmosis

MAKS 400P – NSF: A high-quality antiscalant that can be...