1 – We have a special department for the maintenance of reverse osmosis plants, and it includes the following:

  • Providing the necessary original spare parts for the station
  • Free maintenance of the station during the contract period with the customer bearing the value of spare parts
  • Providing all plant chemicals and filters at competitive prices
  • Monthly or weekly visits according to the client’s desire and the station’s need

2 – Immediate maintenance within 24 hours for all desalination plants of various sizes, including:

  • Maintenance and replacement of pumps as needed
  • Alambarat washing or changing it, according to the state of the embryos
  • The filling of the filters is replaced, whether it is sand or carbon
  • Maintenance of the station’s electrical panel or any station’s electrical wiring
  • Maintenance of any leaks in the station’s plumbing
  • Providing all original spare parts, chemicals and filters at competitive prices

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