RO water system purification plant

High-Efficiency RO Reverse Osmosis System MRS-600HE-II

The Pentair Reverse Osmosis System Water Purification Plant is a highly efficient purification system that provides filtered and mixed water for multiple foodservice applications.

Device uses

Mineral Reducing Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Can be used in all foodservice settings. Especially places that make coffee.

reverse osmosis system

Advantages of reverse osmosis water purification

  • Used for restaurants, cafes, and places that provide food services.
  • Daily production rate of 2400 liters.
  • Handles 1,000 ppm salts and less.
  • Also, the highly efficient reverse osmosis technology achieves rationalization of water consumption.
  • Reducing sewage fees to a minimum.
  • It has the advantage that it requires less than 50% of the electricity that is normally consumed by conventional methods of reverse osmosis systems.
  • Reduces scale buildup that can cause excessive machine downtime and increase maintenance costs.
  • Reduces the taste and odor of chlorine and other contaminants that can negatively affect the taste of water and beverages.

Operating Instructions

  • Choose an installation site capable of safely supporting the full weight of the system when in operation.
  • Determine the source of the water used.
  • Use a 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) minimum for the waterline.
  • Install vertically with cartridges hanging down and leave 3 inches (76 mm) on all four sides of the unit to remove cover and access service.
  • Change the filter cartridges periodically every year.
  • Always wash the filter cartridge at the time of installation and cartridge change.

Cleaning and startup

  • The water inlet should deliver at least 1.5 gallons per minute (5.7 liters per minute).
  • The service flow rate depends on the water.
  • Take into account the pressure in the storage tank and the line size of the equipment.


  • Average daily production: 600 gallons per day, total daily production rate will vary based on TDS tap water.
  • The tank pump is 3 bar to give the required flow to the customer.
  • The volume of the tank is according to the customer’s desire. A tank with a volume of up to 300 liters can be used.

reverse osmosis system
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