CTO FILTER – Carbon block filter

Summary of how the product works:

Solid carbon block water filters consist of finely ground and compressed carbon mass through which water passes during the filtration process. The filter acts as a magnet, attracting and retaining micro-pollutants such as PFAS as the water flows through it. These carbon filters can be used alongside other technologies like reverse osmosis or on their own.

Product Description:

Carbon block water filters utilize three processes to remove or reduce pollutants from drinking water.

The most prominent filtration process is known as mechanical filtration. It operates similarly to a sieve, where particles larger than the filter’s pores are eliminated. Carbon blocks can mechanically filter small particles as small as half a micron (sub-micron).

Another process used in some carbon blocks with specially designed outer shells is called kinetic absorption. This process occurs as water passes through the outer shell, causing the material in the shell to acquire a positive molecular charge that attracts negatively charged ions of some pollutants.

Carbon block filters also employ physical adsorption. This is the process where the carbon itself attracts pollutants. Activated carbon particles have a large surface area to attract and retain pollutants. Specifically, designed non-sticky substances used in compressed carbon blocks can expose more carbon surfaces, thus enhancing their ability to reduce pollutant levels.

Product Features:

  • Designed using rigorous testing procedures to ensure product quality.
  • Removes unpleasant taste and odor.
  • Contains 1-micron pores to remove finer impurities.

The result is a reliable way to remove pollutants from your water. You will taste the difference in every cup, enjoying fresh and clean water.

The replacement rate for granular activated carbon filter:

The solid carbon filter should be replaced every 1-3 months, as the lifespan can vary depending on the level of dirt or contamination in the source water.

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