Steps to install a water treatment plant

Steps to install a water treatment plant

If you are the owner of a restaurant or cafe or run a hotel or resort. You definitely need to install a water treatment plant in your project. We have previously mentioned the importance of this and the expected benefits of having a water treatment plant. In this article, we answer some common questions that may come to your mind.

What are the most common aspects of using water treatment plants?

The first is to improve drinking water by establishing stations to provide a source of potable water instead of well water. You can imagine that a treatment plant can serve nearly two thousand families within one square. Also, the mountainous areas where the water salts may reach seven thousand.

How are the steps for installing a water treatment plant determined?

The matter first depends on the chemical analysis of the water, and this is done with water quality measurement tests.

Accordingly, the size of the station and the number of its stages are determined, as the process may include 4 stages, and there are some stations that include three stages. To achieve the required degree of quality according to the well-known standard specifications and according to the target and the sector in need of the service.

What is the capacity of desalination plants?

The capacity of the stations starts from 5 meters and increases to 10 meters, 15 meters, 20, and 25 daily cubic meters.

A meter here is equivalent to a thousand liters of water, meaning that 5 meters produce 5 thousand liters of pure water for us. The area and population number play a part in determining the capacity to serve the purpose appropriately.

Is it possible to install a treatment plant for a residential building or villa?

A question that comes to the mind of many people, is whether installing a water treatment plant for a residential building is still economical for residential towers and any multi-story buildings because the cost will be lower in view of the individual cost of each household filter device that every inhabitant needs to purchase, which will come with limited capabilities.

In the case of villas, we will find that you can convert all your water sources into completely pure water that is free of harmful bacteria, including the shower, which is an exceptional feature and has fruits in maintaining health, hair, and skin.

Can the treated water contribute to improving the production of poultry or fish farms?

There are benefits that can be obtained from poultry and livestock breeding projects, because the improvement of water quality is later reflected in the provision of medicines and chemicals, which may usually come as a correctional attempt to overcome the size of the damage resulting from relying on polluted and highly saline sources of water, and this is in addition to the supervision of the veterinary specialist who follows the health of the livestock and poultry herds in your farm.

Do water desalination units serve the medical sector?

Yes, we can produce distilled water that pharmaceutical factories depend on, as well as dialysis units.

What about entering desalination plants in other industries?

The uses of central processing plants for the industry have analyzes that include the percentage of metals such as iron and manganese, identifying active and inactive bacteria, for example, and are done in a specific way, according to the purpose and the quantity that suffices the size of the factory.

It enters industries that are sensitive to this point and that need this type of service. Such as spinning and weaving factories, detergent factories, and dairy factories. As well as anything that enters the industry and needs water within the components of its product.

This in turn also means that the type of factory water differs from the water treated for drinking purposes. In fact, the last treatment percentage takes place in drinking water, which also means that water treatment plants do not depend only on salts, as there are treatment plants in which we do not use salt removal.

Is it possible to have an automated water treatment plant that works without human intervention?

For any processing unit that has an electrical control panel, your ability to determine whether the station will rotate without any human intervention depends on bearing some material differences in the cost to operate fully automatically or to be done with human intervention required within one hour per day to meet the effort.

How can I buy a water treatment plant from a Carewater company?

We can implement any water treatment plant inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all purposes and in various capacities. Our company can provide service to a wide range of industries including the following:

  • RO desalination plant
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants
  • A water station serving chemical factories
  • Groundwater purification plants
  • Distilled water plants for factories
  • Well-water treatment plant
  • Dialysis units
  • Treatment of boiler salts or boilers
  • Desalination plants for irrigation and farms
  • Drink purification station for factories and companies
  • Water station for poultry farms

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