Jumbo Filter

Summary of how the product works:

The Jumbo water filter works by purifying water and removing dirt and sediment, making the water cleaner, purer, and safer for your entire home. Additionally, it also protects your appliances, fixtures, and plumbing lines. It is typically installed on the main water line entering the house and generally has the capacity to filter 10,000 – 100,000 gallons of water before needing cartridge replacement.

Product Description:

  • Size: 10 inches / 20 inches
  • Water inlet and outlet: 1 inch
  • Color: Blue

Product features:

The Jumbo water filter from Water Care Foundation excels in purifying the main waterline, such as household and company water tanks, from solid impurities like dust and rust. It also reduces and removes dissolved gases and treats the water for unwanted substances such as chlorine, taste, and odor. This filter is recommended for homes where water tanks are not cleaned regularly.

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