Magnolith devices

Magnolith Devices

Summary of how the product works

This product works on magnetizing the water as it passes through the pipe and transmits this magnetic force to the water in light of the degree or level of magnetization 208, and the magnetization intensity ranges between 4.500 to 8,000 gauss and between 450 to 800 mT or milli tesla so that the magnetic energy is transferred to the water and the special design of this product It raises the level of efficiency and effectiveness ten times over the previous products that relied on the same design or construction and is due to the different raw materials used in the industry and so that it is very difficult or impossible for companies

This patented product is imitated, so this product is completely environmental-friendly and is cost-effective and energy-efficient in water treatment.

The treatment of magnetized water returns to the phenomenon known as magnetic frequency according to Lorentz’s law, and this is evident from the effect of magnetic energy that leads to chemical and physical changes in the water, and this magnetic treatment affects the velocity of water flow in the pipes.

How the product works:

The production of this product was based on two laws of nature:

  • Water and the chemical symbol for water is H2o
  • Energy or magnetic force and the rough form of this energy

This product relies on a special group of a number of permanent magnets so that the functions and capabilities of the product are not clear through the single or hollow magnet. Energy or magnetic power can be expressed through the Lorentz unit as these effects are evident from the passage of water inside this product, which leads to activation Or stopping the effect of magnetic energy and that this frequency between the presence and absence of magnetic energy is what leads to resonance and to break these binary groups so that the effects of this product on the energy level lead to a change in the physical or chemical properties of water.

This product is 100% environmentally friendly and can be both cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Uses of Magnolith

For cultivation:

  1. It helps the growth of seeds and thus increases plant growth
  2. Efficient use of irrigation water, which reduces water consumption.
  3. Increasing fertilizer efficiency, which reduces production costs
  4. It works to kill and reduce the number of harmful microbes in the soil
  5. Works to wash the soil three times more than regular water
  6. Producing an early crop of not less than 15 days, thus obtaining a high price for the quality of the crop
  7. Increasing the plant’s ability to resist pests and diseases reduces the use of pesticides and thus reduces costs.
  8. For citrus and citrus trees, palms give an early crop and large fruit size

Hotels and Homes:

  1. It removes water hardness and gives water free of lime, which prevents calcification of salts on joints and mixers and reduces maintenance expenses
  2. Increase the oxygen content in the water.
  3. Reducing the COD rate, which saves hotel management huge fines.
  4. Reducing the COD rate, which saves hotel management huge fines.
  5. Saving the consumption of detergents and washing powders.

For sinks, heaters and kitchens:

  1. It prevents the accumulation of salts on sinks and heaters, which increases their useful life while reducing maintenance costs.
  2. It is used for cooling towers and water conditioners.

Poultry Farms :

  1. Scientifically proven that magnetized water increases bone formation in chickens and birds.
  2. Increase the meat mass from 5% to 7%.
  3. Increase egg quality by 10%.
  4. Improving meat quality while reducing mortality.

Dairy industry:

  1. Animals that drink magnetized water are resistant to disease.
  2. Dramatically low bacterial content in milk.

The advantages of Magnolith Almani over other products:

  1. The unique design of the device, which is patented by the German government.
  2. The materials used in the installation of the device are natural, not manufactured.
  3. The magnetic force of the device is equivalent to ten times the other devices.
  4. The device is installed on the joint from the outside and water does not pass from inside it.
  5. Salinity treatment up to 10,000 mg / L.
  6. It does not require a power source, maintenance or spare parts.
  7. It saves the environment 100%.

How to know the results of the device:

  1. Physical analysis using electron microscopy, and its cost is very high.
  2. Chemical analysis and this does not give results in the case of physical treatment
  3. In-kind viewing through experience for that institution gives two months to see the results on the ground. In addition to a five-year guarantee after knowing the results.