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The laws regulating well drilling licenses

In an effort by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture to legalize the status of owners of unlicensed wells. It determined the laws regulating the issuance of licenses to drill wells. Providing them with a period of exemption from the fine, by disclosing their unlicensed wells within the specified period. As the ministry has set a fine for drilling wells without a permit. Up to 25,000 riyals in the event that the condition of the well is not corrected within the specified period.

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has recently launched a service to correct the status of wells that were previously drilled without a license through the platform of the electronic wells drilling licensing system. Which enables the well owner in the future to issue a license to deepen the well, clean it, or drill an alternative well.

Controls for licenses for drilling wells for groundwater

The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has clarified the general conditions for issuing well drilling licenses. In order to facilitate those wishing to drill a well to know the procedures and to ensure their interests. Which:

  • The validity period of the license (drilling, cleaning, deepening, backfilling) is one year from the date of its issuance, subject to renewal.
  • The excavation should take place within the boundaries of the site and in the geographical coordinates specified by the Ministry. Without trespassing on the lands of others, and ensuring that the underground excavation area is free of service lines such as water and sewage pipes, laurel, telephone and electricity cables, or any other obstacles.
  • The licensee shall abide by the drilling specifications specified by the Ministry in the license.
  • The well to be cleaned or deepened must be structurally valid. In the event that it is not valid, an alternative well can be drilled if the conditions and controls apply to the request.

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  • The Ministry has the right to supervise the drilling of a new or alternative well or one to be cleaned, deepened, or filled in. Or obligate the licensee to contract with a geological consultant office approved by the Ministry in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the Ministry.
  • The license applicant must submit an agricultural record of the agricultural land if the agency so requests.
  • In the event that water is not found, the Ministry has the right to compel the licensee to backfill the cows in a proper and secure manner. According to the technical specifications it determines. And it is under its supervision or the supervision of technical offices authorized by the Ministry.
  • In the event of the presence of pollutants in the water produced from the well, it cannot be treated. The licensee must backfill the well in accordance with the technical specifications determined by the Ministry.

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  • Installing a meter to measure the flow of water from wells located in non-renewable water-bearing layers. As determined by the Ministry, provided that the meter conforms to the specifications approved by the Ministry.
  • Attach a contract between the applicant for the license and the drilling contractor. Classified by the Ministry and the holder of a valid license to practice drilling wells suitable to the authorized depth.
  • That the contract between the licensee for the well and the drilling contractor includes the drilling license data, number, date, and technical conditions recorded therein. These data and technical conditions are considered an integral part of the contract. Also, the contract must include a clause for backfilling the old well if the request includes drilling an alternative well and that the old well is backfilled. Technical backfill with cement.
  • The licensee is obligated to follow the security and safety rules issued by the Civil Defense.
  • After drilling, operating, and fortifying the well so that it does not pose a danger to passers-by.
    The license (excavation, cleaning, deepening, backfilling) expires even if its validity period has not expired.
  • The licensee must contract with a contractor who has a license to practice the drilling profession appropriate to the authorized depth.
  • The licensee and the drilling contractor must keep the drilling license and the license to practice the drilling profession at the drilling site. To show them to the Ministry’s inspectors.
  • Excavation must take place within the boundaries of the land owned by virtue of a title deed or a title deed. Or a documented lease contract for land owned by a title deed or title deed.

Together for a better tomorrow

  • Attach the approval of the lessor to drill the well if the property in which the well license is required is rented.
  • Adherence to the licensing terms and conditions for farms.
  • The duration of the license to use the water source (the well) is five years from the date of its issuance, subject to renewal.
  • In the event of the expiry of the term of use of the well. The licensee must renew the license in case he wants to continue using it.
  • The well must be used only for the authorized purposes.
  • The licensee must obtain a new license in case he wants to change the purpose of using the well or add a purpose. Other than the one for which he was licensed. The Ministry determines the possibility of licensing. And the installation of meters to measure the amount of water extracted from the well in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry for each use.

Beware of these mistakes before obtaining well drilling licenses

  • It is not permissible to use the water source (the well) before obtaining a usage license.
  • It is forbidden to dig, deepen or clean within the boundaries of the areas where drilling is prohibited. Or which are reserved as fields for groundwater sources.
  • The licensee may not exceed the annual amount of water allowed to be extracted from the well-specified in the license.
  • It is forbidden to drain any kind of solid or liquid waste into the well. Including agricultural drainage water and that the well is located as far as possible from the septic tank.
  • No person may drill a well, whatever its type or purpose, without a license issued by the Ministry.
  • Can’t issue or renew a license in the event of violations issued to the license applicant unless they are paid.
  • The licensee and the drilling contractor are prohibited from exceeding the depth specified in the license.
  • Renewing the license with the same terms and conditions as the new application.

Terms and Conditions for Issuing well drilling licenses

The conditions and controls for issuing a well license vary according to the purpose of use. Where there are many such purposes between drilling wells in agricultural lands or projects for poultry, cows, and sheep. Drilling wells in residential lands for domestic purposes or in gas stations or industrial areas.

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