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Types of home water treatment units

water filters

There are many types of water filters and accessories in water treatment units. From single-stage and two-stage filters to seven-stage water filters. Of course, many questions come to your mind about the usefulness of each stage within the filter. And how to determine what is the most appropriate water treatment units that can be used. Where there are good water filters and poor water filters.


Why should I buy a water filter?

Environmental and biological pollution has become a reality that imposes itself. By looking at and tasting the water, you can determine whether the water is safe to drink or not. There are also many signs in the appearance of the water showing that the water is contaminated.

The chlorination of drinking water is no longer sufficient to remove all types of contamination present in drinking water. It is a traditional and primitive process in drinking water treatment and cannot eliminate most types of water pollution that are carried out by water filters manufactured in several stages that enable each stage to treat a type of different drinking water pollution source.

Researches that are carried out daily on water treatment units in many European and American laboratories are developing, and units have been manufactured that achieve the required balance required for ideal drinking water. Such as the water is free of bacteria and elements that cause diseases in the water. Availability of mineral salts that a person needs in optimal proportions without increase or decrease. As its high or low percentage leads to many health problems. The human body needs these elements daily. Without exposure to various pollutants. Here comes the role of the science of water purification and treatment through the manufacture of filters, stations, and filters that achieve the optimal balance for obtaining clean and safe water.


What is the best water filter?

When searching for the best water treatment units to eliminate the problem of water pollution, the best and most appropriate solutions must be sought. You should look for a good product that will last for years without annoying malfunctions or an unsatisfactory purification experience that does not provide the necessary efficiency to get rid of various water pollutants and cause many different health problems.

So you should know the following points:

– filter system

– Filter type


Water filter system determination

One of the first steps in purchasing a home water treatment unit starts with deciding which filter system you need.

RO . system

Types of water treatment units are divided into two main systems that have nothing to do with the name of the brand, the country of origin, or even the number of stages. The RO system is the most expensive, and the most popular.


How to treat reverse osmosis water:

The basic unit inside the filter get rid of ionic and colloidal silica and isolate dissolved solids such as cadmium (Cd), arsenic As, and lead (Pb).

This function is performed by a stage inside the filter called the membrane, and the filter that works in this system mainly contains a pump, two membranes, and a tank to save water as it works on electricity.


When can an RO system be used?

As it provides the maximum protection needed from water pollution, it combines the properties of filtration devices in isolating impurities, chlorine, and gases that cause the appearance of odors or a different taste of water. It adds to it the elimination of the problems of biological sedimentation in the water, the isolation of solids, the elimination of viruses and bacteria in the water, and the improvement of the physical properties of the water. And do the process of magnetizing water that adds minerals to the water.


filtration system

This system is based on different candles with several stages up to seven stages. It is cheaper compared to the Ro system. His work is limited to purifying drinking water from impurities, suspended matter, chlorine, and gases. This system does not work with electricity because there is no membrane unit that needs a pump to generate its osmotic pressure to treat the water.


When can the filtration system be used?

You can use this system if the elements polluting the water are limited to impurities, chlorine, and the appearance of an odor in the water. This system provides solutions to these problems.


Determine the type of water filter

After doing the first step and knowing the filter system that suits your needs, and determining the number of stages. you must now determine the type of good water treatment units to ensure that you get healthy drinking water, this will avoid you from being cheated, poor materials or lack of good maintenance services after purchase. Therefore, when choosing the brand you want to buy from, it is preferable to ensure the availability of spare parts in the market, and the availability of after-sales services.

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