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Problems and solutions for water treatment units

The home water filter has become one of the drinking water treatment units that must be available in every home, as it is a safe and healthy solution to purify water from its pollutants such as; Bacteria and excess salts that harm the body; Where chlorine and fluoride are added to purify the water, and there are many types of these filters between two or three stages, up to seven stages. You can learn more about the types of filters from this article. To ensure that the filter continues to function properly for as long as possible, some problems must be taken care of as they can be easily fixed; If identified early.


The most prominent problems of the home water filter and the way to solve them

Delayed descent of water from the tap

The solution:

  • Ensure that the valve that transfers water between the different filter stages is open.
  • Check the second stage stopcock to ensure that the water reaches the first stage.
  • Also, check the third stage stopcock to ensure that water has reached the second stage.
  • Change the stage candle that is causing the problem, or is preventing water from reaching the next stage.
  • Refill the filter tank with air and reinstall it again, in the event that the problem is not from the candle, yet the water does not reach the faucet, as the problem is in the water tank of the filter.


Filter motor stopped working

The solution:

  • Change the filter motor so that it can work properly, as when the filter motor stops working, there are two possibilities; one is that the connections do not work, which is what causes the motor to delay in starting, or that the transformer is burnt out.


Change the smell and taste of filter water

The solution:

  • Close the water filter tank stopcock.
  • Remove the second stage candle, and install the valve or housing empty.
  • Open the tap and taste the water, and if the problem persists, this means that the problem is in the candle of the second stage and must be changed.
  • Carry out this experiment with the different phases of plugs to make sure that it is not a problem in changing the taste and smell of the water.
  • Changing the winding and the main pump and replacing it with a new set, in case the motor does not stop working itself.

Water leaking from the filter

The solution:

  • Locate the leak and tighten the pipe connection areas, and the problem is due to the main pump. In this case, it must be changed, as the problem of water leakage from the filter occurs due to the lack of tight sealing of the pipes.


Permanent Working of Drinking Water Treatment Units Pump

The solution:

  • Inspecting the Low-Pressure sensor located on the entrance to the tube for the first stage, and changing it if it has a malfunction.
  • The four-wheel winding is damaged, it is preferable to change it.
  • A malfunction in the pump itself, which requires repair or replacement.


One of the most important and best solutions to all these problems is to perform periodic maintenance, changing the candles on time according to the type of each candle, which avoids exposure to previous problems, extends the life of drinking water treatment units, increases the quality of the water used, and avoids many health problems.


How to choose a suitable water filter:

  • The appropriate filter for the house is determined according to the nature of the water that reaches the house, as the water supply varies from one area to another.
  • It is preferable that water problems be identified first before choosing the appropriate type of filter, as there are types that get rid of excess salts, others from chlorine, and others that specialize in eliminating bacteria and pollution causes.
  • You must adhere to the method of installation and use of filters that are indicated by the manufacturer.
  • It is recommended to take care of the filter maintenance periodically so that the buildup of contaminants does not cause more serious health problems than tap water before purification, and to change the wax in the filter at least twice a year.
  • Water filter accessories must be stainless.
  • The reverse osmosis feature must be activated, if the seven-stage filter is used, and it must be ensured that the filter conforms to health specifications in terms of getting rid of excess and heavy salts while retaining salts that benefit the body.
  • It is preferable to install a filter that can add useful mineral salts with the filter, and it is not recommended for drinking water treatment units that completely remove chlorine and organic matter from the water so that the water does not lose its nutritional value.