Magnetic treatment for water in hotels

There are many uses of magnetic treatment for water because of the multiple features of water resulting from magnetic treatment , we mentioned in a previous article the benefits of magnetic treatment for water in poultry farms.

We now explain some of the advantages of magnetic treatment for water in hotels, where the proper treatment of water in the hotel is a basic requirement that must be taken care of by the maintenance officer in any hotel, in order to maintain the water quality. Thus, it can provide an advantage that has a significant impact on the performance of the hotel business, as it has a direct or indirect impact on the quality of service provided to customers.

So the maintenance engineer must choose the service provider carefully so that solutions can be provided according to the requirements and needs of the hotel.

That is why we provide in Care Water the German Magnolith devices, which work on magnetic treatment for water, whereby the sustainable and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions provided by the Magnolith device can be effectively integrated into the hotel business.

So hotel and resort companies that accommodate guests need to adopt the best measures to maintain high water quality. The maintenance engineer in hotel operating companies should take care of the water treatment in the hotel so that they can integrate sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel water treatment that can be customized according to the hotel requirements.

Magnetic treatment of drinking water is a necessity for hotels as the quality of drinking water has a direct impact on the health of customers and employees.

Benefits of using magnetic treatment for water treatment in hotels:

  • The magnetic treatment of water is the solution that helps to provide an environmentally friendly and chemical-free product as the magnetic treatment reduces bacteria and germs in the water.
  • The technical service provided to customers helps in maintaining optimal system performance.
  • The simple and effective water treatment solution facilitates the reuse of treated water for different purposes including irrigation, washing…etc.
  • It removes water hardness and gives water free of lime, which prevents salt calcification on connections and water mixers and reduces maintenance expenses.
  • Increasing the oxygen content in the water.
  • Reducing the percentage of COD, which saves hotel management huge fines.
  • Saving the consumption of detergents and washing powders.
  • Reducing lime deposits inside pipes, water tanks and pipes, and preventing their blockage.
  • Significantly reduce heating, cooling and maintenance costs.
  • Helps against high energy and water consumption along the life cycle of the system.
  • Eliminate calcification to extend the life of the appliances.
  • Higher efficiency than detergents, which reduces the amount used.
  • Reduce the gradual cleaning of the heat exchangers.
  • Protects heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Eliminate most of the fungi in magnetically treated water as it contains a higher percentage of dissolved oxygen, which kills fungi, and other harmful microbes and bacteria.
  • Helps get rid of discolored glass, shower and tile.
  • Eliminate the formation of salts in pipes and showerheads.
  • Reduces rust and corrosion problems.
  • Decreased use of energy and chemicals in daily activities.
  • Extended product longevity of pipes, water tanks and boilers.