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Important terms when providing water solutions

Providing water solutions is the most important thing that must be implemented, as it is the right of every person. Providing healthy water that matches his needs. In order to avoid being deceived or deceived when dealing with companies that provide that service, and to ensure that you understand the service provided to you, it is preferable that you know the different types of drinking water treatment devices, and it is preferable that you know the following terms:


Providing water solutions with a UV water filter

It is a water filter equipped with a UV candle, which is the abbreviation of Ultraviolet. It has many benefits in providing water solutions. As it is a stage to purify water from gram-negative pathogenic bacteria, which can carry out the process of photosynthesis, and most of its types live inside water. This candle is called a sterilization candle for some of the Ultra Violet units.

The UV unit needs its own transducer. It is commonly used to treat drinking water mixed with sewage. Likewise, when water continues to stagnate for long periods in the connecting water lines, groundwater, or the use of water tanks of all kinds….etc.

And you can use the UV unit with a normal water filter or an RO water filter. It can be installed separately as an addition to the water filter used in your home.


UV + RO Water Filter

It is a filter equipped with a brine unit that performs the reverse osmosis process of water, which removes heavy metals from the water. And the ultraviolet unit that eliminates bacteria in the water together.



They mean the water purification and treatment units inside each filter, and they are also called filter stages. Each stage has a role in purifying and treating drinking water and isolating the pollutants contained in the water.

Water filters are named by the number of cartridges they contain next to the make or model name. The prices of cartridges and treatment units for different water filters vary according to the quality of their manufacture. The quality of the cartridges varies from one filter to another, just like the rest of the filter parts and parts.

For example, granular activated carbon inside all kinds of water filters has the same function in the purification process. However, purification efficiency varies in terms of the candle’s temperature rating and Flow rate, and other things such as the candle’s filter gallons capacity, saturation, the type of carbon used, and its outer container.

All these differences are recognized by water treatment experts in the difference it makes during the technology process, and the ability of the device to work for many years without problems, malfunctions, or failure to purify the water in a short time.


Ionization of water and its effect on the quality of water solutions:

It means the dissociation of the hydrogen electron with the oxygen atom in the water so that another bond with an oxygen atom in a neighboring water molecule forms the hydroxide ion and the hydronium ion. That is, water becomes what is known as the amphoteric property, and this interaction plays an important role in the effect of water on the functions of living cells.


Acidic and alkaline water:

It means the degree of acidity, alkalinity, or alkalinity of water, and it is measured by the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration rate in the water. The negative logarithm of this rate is the ionic product of water.

Water in which the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration is less than 7 degrees is acidic and the -OH concentration is less than +H and is symbolized by the symbol PH



It is the negative logarithm or exponent of the hydrogen ion concentration in water. Some call it the pH and it symbolizes the acidity of the water used. As we mentioned earlier, PH Scale expresses the ionic product of the water.



Like the PH, but it is expressed as the alkalinity of water or the negative exponent of the decimal logarithm of the hydroxide molecule. When the POH is less than 7, it means that the water is alkaline.


TDS devise and its relationship to providing water solutions

It is a small device used to measure the mineral salts dissolved in water. And TDS is an acronym for Total Dissolved Solids. This device is used to detect the percentage of dissolved salts in water and has nothing to do with the so-called electrode analysis.



It is a unit of measurement equivalent to the powers of the number 10 to the negative power of 6 of a meter. Which is equivalent to one-millionth of the length unit of the meter. It is called the micron or micrometer. There are some types of filters called the micron filter or the micron filter. Which is used only to isolate colloids, which cause water turbidity. and it is scientifically called Microfiltration.

Contrary to what some believe are only associated with a membrane treatment unit that uses semi-permeable membranes in micron water treatment with reverse osmosis RO systems. There are also micron filters that only work to isolate colloids and remove other types of water contaminants.