gray water treatment plant in NEOM

Design and construction of gray water treatment plant in NEOM and Al-Ula

Establishing a gray water treatment plant in NEOM and Al-Ula is a vital project that aims to use modern technology to transform gray water into a valuable source of fresh treated water. The project includes the design and construction of a 5 cubic meter treatment unit to achieve the goal of recycling and efficiently using water in the area. The Royal Commission for the Development of AlUla is considered the owner of the project.

Implementation phases:

Station design:

  • The station was designed and built within 10 days, including a booster system for pumping water into the building.
  • The design is carried out under the guidance of engineers specialized in designing water treatment plants.

Gray water treatment plant in NEOM

Processing unit construction:

  • Building a processing unit in the space allocated for it.
  • Construction includes the use of environmentally friendly materials and modern technology.

Installing the poster system for water pumping:

  • A booster pumping system is installed at the plant to pump fresh treated water to the buildings.
  • The water produced from the greywater treatment poster is available for use in toilet flush bins.

Test and run:

  • The system is thoroughly tested to ensure its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The plant is operated efficiently to ensure that treated water is supplied sustainably.

Expected benefits:

  1. Environmental sustainability: Gray water recycling contributes to protecting the environment and saving limited resources.
  2. Reducing pressure on freshwater: Using treated water in buildings reduces dependence on fresh water.
  3. Improving water quality: Efficient treatment ensures high-quality fresh water.

gray water treatment plant in NEOM

Why use water care when building and designing a gray water treatment plant

Gray water is easily refined, cleaned, and reused compared to black water, as it is currently possible to install purification and recycling devices at home for this purpose, unlike black water, which requires large and complex treatment plants.

There are many modern technologies and innovations recorded in the world that enable gray water to be purified and reused in several fields, perhaps the most prominent of which is its use in irrigating gardens and crops, and returning it again for use in flushing bins (siphon water).

Providing advanced processing technology:

Explore the latest technology in greywater treatment, such as advanced filtration techniques and advanced biosystems.

Innovation in recycling:

Examining innovations that allow gray water to be reused for multiple uses, such as agricultural irrigation or industrial cooling.

Renewable energy integration:

Explore how gray water treatment can be integrated with renewable energy sources, contributing to making the project more sustainable.

Chemical recovery techniques:

Research on techniques for recovering chemicals from gray water contributes to achieving pure water and recovering valuable resources.

Addressing events and industries:

Consider custom solutions to treat gray water emitted by industries or large events.

Custom local directions:

Identify the needs of the community and explore how a treatment system can be designed to effectively meet those needs.

Economic analysis and sustainability:

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the project cost versus the expected environmental and economic benefits.

Promoting environmental awareness:

Designing community awareness campaigns about the importance of treating gray water and stimulating participation in sustainability efforts.

Preventive maintenance:

One of the most important elements of maintaining the station is performing preventive maintenance and periodic follow-up of all parts of the station to avoid many of the station’s operational problems, at specific times that must be adhered to and taken care of. This is what we provide with maintenance and after-sales service, which we are keen to complete to the fullest in all our projects. .


The establishment of the Gray water treatment plant in NEOM and Al-Ula is a positive step towards achieving sustainable development and preserving water resources in the region. This project reflects the Royal Commission for the Development of AlUla’s commitment to applying the latest technologies to contribute to building an environmentally friendly and sustainable community.

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