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Basics of choosing any type of water filters

To choose a suitable type of water filter, you must pay close attention. Nowadays, there are a lot of water filters of different brands and therefore people find it difficult to choose the right type.

The advantages of each type may differ, and therefore the choices of customers differ according to their requirements and needs. Some prefer to choose the 3-stage filter, while others prefer to choose 5 or 7 stages.

Why should you choose the best types of home water filters in Saudi Arabia?

The consumer does not notice the presence of impurities or heavy metals in the water in general, but some changes appear, such as changing the taste and color of water, and these substances have significant side effects and many defects on human health.

Once you buy the best type of water filter, you will definitely notice the difference between the taste and color of that water and the taste, and once you buy the filter, it saves you money on bottles of mineral water.

Purchasing an ordinary filter is the right solution that completely rids you of impurities, bacteria, chlorine, and heavy metals that enter your body while drinking.

The basis for choosing any water filter

To choose the best type, take care about the following specifications before purchasing:

  • The water filter must be from an existing company with a recognized brand.
  • Easily provide filter spare parts to customers.
  • Any water filter made of safe and approved materials should be water quality associations.
  • Provide after-sales service to customers.
  • It is preferable to buy filters on the basis of their quality and specifications and not on the basis of appearance.


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Problems with any home water filters

The problems some have with any home water filter are manifold. of between it:

  • Motor and pump malfunctions.
  • The taste of filtered water has changed.
  • Water leak.
  • Water does not reach the filter tap.

Each of these problems needs a quick solution.

Reasons for changing the taste of water in any water filter

The reason for changing the taste of any water filter may be due to several reasons, as the change in the taste of the filtered water may be caused by the candle, so it is better to change it. Therefore, the filter plugs must be changed on time. To avoid the problem of changing the taste of the filtered water.

The change in the taste of the filtered water may also be caused by problems with the winding, water pump, or motor. Therefore, the reason that leads to the change in the taste of the filtered water must be reviewed.

How to install any home water filters

  • First, locate the installation near the main shut-off valve leaving enough room to change the filter.
  • Cut the tube and install a new valve.
  • Assemble the filtration system and then place the locking nuts on the compression rings.
  • Now try running the filter to make sure that there is no water leakage from the filter.

Duration of changing phases inside the filter

  • Changing the filter requires the first stage in a period ranging from one to three months.
  • As for the second stage, the wax can be changed after 4 months of use and a maximum of 6 months.
  • The third stage is also changed twice per year.
  • The fourth stage is also changed after one to three years.
  • The fifth stage change is after a year of use up to a year and a half.
  • Also, the sixth stage is changed every 24 months.

Desalination stages inside water filters

The first stage

Pre-filter made of polypropylene to remove solid and suspended water impurities with a permeability of up to 5 microns.

The second phase

A carbon filter made of activated carbon extracted from the coconut tree to remove chlorine, taste, and color from water.

The third level

Scalded carbon filter removes taste, odor, and color.

The fourth stage

The unit for removing salts and heavy metals (Membrane) with a capacity of 75 gallons/day made of treated cellulose flakes with a diameter of up to 0.0001 microns.

The fifth level

Manufactured from a block of activated carbon to ensure the removal of any taste or smell in the water resulting from water storage.

The sixth stage

Add minerals through a group of stones necessary to add beneficial salts to the body such as calcium and magnesium.

The seventh stage

Infrared, where this unit works to prevent the growth of bacteria in the water. Increasing the percentage of oxygen in the water will activate the cells of the body.